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Own Your Destiny

I help busy professionals discover their capacity for greatness, and achieve it.

We all want to be more effective and successful in our lives, but often we subconsciously sabotage that objective. How often have you caught yourself falling into one of these traps:
Blaming your struggles on outside forces, when in reality, you know better
Waiting for the perfect timing, resources, or opportunity instead of proactively moving forward on your goals
Focusing on things outside of your control, instead of expanding your sphere of influence

I share both my struggles and successes beating these and other self-limiting bad habits to reach your definition of success. Don’t outsource your destiny, when you can own it.



Yes, I’m Tom DuBos. You may have figured that out from the website. My natural inclination is to be a problem solver, in my personal and professional life. I hope to use my skills and experience to help you reach your potential.

I met my wife of 32 years on a blind date, and am a proud dad to two grown daughters. I’m basically a human contradiction: a recovering engineer who loves public speaking, a lackluster high school athlete who caught the triathlon bug, and a City kid who now lives to be outdoors.

I’m an ordinary guy who’s been blessed to do some extraordinary things. Those experiences plus an innate and intentional positive outlook, give me a unique perspective on life’s challenges.


I was never athletic in school, but due to the Stupidly Stubborn gene I was born with, went on to complete five IRONMAN triathlons, ultramarathon trail runs, and many other endurance events.

My trail adventures convinced me I needed survival skills, so I joined a Search and Rescue team. I currently serve as a volunteer with the National Ski Patrol. Both provided amazing experiences. Maybe you’d like to hear about some of them. The blind date story is an included bonus.

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Talks Topic

Own Your Destiny

What separates exceptional performers from the ordinary, and how do I get there? It starts with ownership of your future and a proactive mindset, driven by your own unique talents and a bias towards action over procrastination. Learn how managing your attitude can empower you to take control of your life in this fast paced and entertaining roadmap towards a better future.

In this talk, you’ll discover:

  • The importance of strong relationships to your success, and how to strengthen them

  • The mindset of successful individuals that you can make part of your conscious decision making

  • Why so much of well-intentioned advice you get may be doing more harm than good

Sales is not a Four-Letter Word

Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all salespeople at some point in our many different roles. We all have opportunities to influence or persuade others for their benefit and potentially ours as well. Developing these skills is one of the most productive, and fun, things you can do to further your success in just about everything you do.

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • How to be more effective by adopting three simple practices. Seriously, only three, and you’ll wish you’d heard this advice years ago.

  • Myths versus reality in effective sales behaviors

  • Tailoring your approach based on the current situation

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I’ve worked with Tom for many years, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every engagement. He provides extremely valuable information and skills that attendees can apply right away. He’s engaging, authentic, upbeat and positive and is extremely easy to work with. He’s very diligent and approaches each engagement in a way that ensures that the program is customized to the audience.. 

Ursula Schryver

Sr. VP, Education, Training & Events


Tom was easy to work with and able to tailor his Own Your Destiny keynote for our group of entrepreneurs to provide them with a vision of how to grow their businesses.  His positive message is reinforced with stories from his career and volunteer experiences.  His self deprecating humor and natural style made the event very enjoyable.  The audience came away with actionable ideas on how to strengthen relationships and achieve their goals. 

Cindy Fencl


Adams Hub for Innovation

He has an amazing ability to connect and relate to the audience through humor and great storytelling.  His presentation is engaging and insightful and more importantly provided me with the tools needed to become more effective and successful in my endeavors. It was memorable, interesting and very relatable. He is a professional and confident speaker and left me wanting more.  Tom DuBos delivers!

Kathy Koultourides, CPTD

Founder and Principal, KKnow How LLC


In our meeting, Tom showed an impressive ability to share complex ideas in ways his audience can apply.  He came prepared with the latest information, directed to what we need to know.  His personality and presence make it very enjoyable to listen to his message. 

Mike Crumbaker

Vice President of Metering

General Pacific, Inc.


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